Posted by: Alison | August 24, 2009

How to Dress for an Interview

You’ve written a great CV, got the experience, qualifications and you’ve been invited for an interview.

You’ve have already read my interview tips: and researched the company and prepared some answers for potential questions.

But now you need to decide what to wear.

As many workplaces are becoming increasingly informal it is becoming more difficult to know what the protocol is and what you should wear.

Do some research on the company and try to find out what their dress code is. You could do this directly (ask the company) or indirectly (observe people as they leave the office one day) or alternatively, or if you have been selected by an agency then ask them.

If the dress code is formal this makes it quite easy as you will then know to wear a suit. However, if you find out it is casually this becomes more tricky. You should never look too casual- you want to show your interviewee that you take the job seriously and have made an effort. Dress smart casual.

By dressing appropriately you will be well on the way to ensuring that you make a good first impression- so don’t overlook this aspect of an interview. Make sure you have a feel of the company beforehand and know what their dress code is. Looking too smart or casual might consciously or subconsciously make them think that you won’t be a good fit for the company.

Some general tips:

The below sites offer some good advice on what not to wear:

This video also offers some useful advice:

Finally: good luck at your interview!


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